Welcome to JIA!

Japan International Academy (JIA) is a preschool & kindergarten for Japanese-speaking children aged 2.5 to 6 years old. We are in the third year since the launch of the school and have been successful in running very rich programs filled with “only-at-JIA experiences.”

Be playful, be social and be kind to others! 

This is our core philosophy, and it does not sound unique. Children are naturally playful and will be social by interacting with other children and adults, and will learn to be kind with some right guidances by parents and other adults like preschool teachers. Then what makes us stand out? It is how we put our philosophy into practice: the methodology we use and the resources we have. With my personal experiences as an expat Japanese mother raising two children in United Kingdom, America and India and extensive research on early childhood education I have done in each country and with our faculties’ deep knowledge and rich experiences in early childhood education in Japan and India, we are very successful in providing an ideal playful learning environment to our children. JIA children will be ready to go to an international school after graduation but will also do well in a Japanese elementary school, too. This is because we proudly use Japanese-style discipline and teach how to create “harmony” as a group in our programs.

Unique Language experiences

Other uniqueness we have is the language environment the children are placed in. Most of our organized activities are led in English (sometimes with some help in Japanese language). Since our teachers speak only in English while the classmates are all Japanese, the children are acquiring basic English vocabularies and conversation skills slowly but steadily without feeling pressured. The children know that they are all leaners and often help or encourage each other to speak English!  

Importance of connection to the community we are in and cross cultural learnings  

We understand the difficulties that the most of our expat families face when they are new to India. Everything is so different. Whether it is the language barrier or a cultural difference or a general inconvenience you have in a daily life, relax and enjoy encountering culture-shock experiences and meeting new people! I know it is easier to suggest than doing. But still, I would like to stress the importance of taking everting in a positive way. This is because the children can pick up the parent’s nervousness or tensions and the children may feel insecure without knowing the reason. If you are positive about what’s happening around you and if you are friendly, respectful or thankful to other people around you, your children will act in the same way! So please do your part of the work, dear parents. Meanwhile, at JIA, we give our children many opportunities to interact people who are different, and opportunities to explore the community we are living in – going to a local post office, a local market and stores, etc. The children will learn to be polite, respectful and friendly to the people we meet with our faculties. Being exposed to a different culture and having positive experiences in it will definitely benefit your child, which you can see in the future.

If you wold like to know more bout “only-at-JIA experiences,”  please see our daily updates at our facebook page or contact us! 

Thank you for reading!

Ms. Chikako Egashira (Founder & Director)