Careers at JIA


Japan International Academy is an international preschool & kindergarten for Japanese families or any families who would like their children grow in an environment where Japanese culture and philosophy are valued and incorporated in the daily school life. We use a theme-based curriculum, providing our children opportunities to explore the world around them and grow their curiosities. Since we believe that children learn best when they are mentally active, engaged, social and can make meaningful connections to their lives, all of which are the characteristics of play, our lessons are carefully planned so that “play” takes the biggest part of the class and takes the most important role in the lesson.

Unique Language environment at JIA 

All the classes are conducted in English. But we often hear children speaking in Japanese each other. This is totally fine. Most of the children are from Japan, and many of them are new to English. Some of them are shy and quiet initially but they are eager to learn to speak in the new language. Often, the children are helping each other. We hear the children with more experiences with English language teaching English words and phrases to the ones who are new. The teachers should encourage the children to speak English, but at the same time need to be patient and be able to wait and see, keeping in mind that each child has different personality and a different language learning style.

Teacher’s Main Responsibilities

  • Build a warm classroom environment
  • Create lessons and activities under the guidance of the program management team
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with the children and their families
  • Actively participate in team meetings and collaborative planning


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience and passion in early childhood education
  • The ability to create a classroom environment where children feel safe, supported and engaged
  • Strong collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Openness to foreign cultures and eagerness to learn about them
  • Growth mindset and ability to use feedback to improve practice   



Interested in working with us? 

We are always interested in meeting enthusiastic teachers. If you would like to know more about an opportunity to join our faculty team after reading about the school and programs, please contact us by email:

If you are ready to apply, please send your resume to:

If we have a vacancy in the teaching position, we will invite you to an interview. Otherwise we will keep you on our file for a future opening!