A Child’s Day


08:30 – 09:00    Arrival

09:15                 Morning Circle Time

Our day starts with a circle time! We ask each child how she/he is (We also ask each parent how your child is every morning at the drop-off time), and we talk about our daily schedule of the day. We also go over the calendar, the weather of the day, and sing songs together! Older children do “show-and-tell” as well.

09:30                 Activity 1

Depending on the day of the week, we have Dance class, PE class, Music class, etc.  Those activities are conducted in a mixed-age group setting.


10:00                 Activity 2

Our children learn through hands-on activities using all five senses!

10:30                 Free Play

We usually go down to our “Play Zone”, but weather permitting (also depending on the air quality) , we also use our outdoor space for water and sand play!

11:15                 Lunch Time

All the children and teachers sit together and enjoy our lunch. For children, lunch time is also a great opportunity to practice independence (eating skills),  to learn good manners and to learn heathy habits such as hand-washing and tooth-brushing! We also experience the richness of different cultures trough diversity in food and food customs!


12:00                 Book Time

After lunch, we have a quiet book time. Children explore our little libraries and pick favorite books of their own. Also, teachers read books to children in a small group setting, or we have a group story time.

12:15                 Activity 3

Children spend their time in their own classroom. We have age-specific activities such as Art & Craft, Math and English classes.

13:15                 Free Play

Before we go home, all children visit our Play Zone one more time!!!

13:45                 Circle Time

Our day ends with the closing circle time. We reflect on our day, everyone has a chance to express their thoughts, and we sing our good-bye song!

14:00                 Dismissal


* Activity 1-3: Music, PE, Art & Craft, English, Math, General Awareness

14:00-16:00    Extended-hours – Stay & Play daycare service