Play and Hands-on Activities

The classroom activities and skill lessons are created our theme-based curriculum. The theme can be week-long, two-week long, month-long, or even longer. The themes are chosen in such a way that children can make meaningful connections to their lives: family and friends, people around us, nature, living creatures, seasonal events, festivals, etc.

Since we believe that children learn best when they are mentally active, engaged and social, our lessons are taught through interactive hands-on activities.

The balance between the time spent for free play and the time spent for structured activities is carefully designed to maximize the benefits of structured and unstructured play. We offer the older children school readiness classes,  but the emphasis is on finding a joy of learning. We would like the children enjoy the challenges and enjoy a sense of achievement. It is neither about memorizing the information we are giving in the class nor about mastering simple math calculation!


Areas of Focus at JIA  

The children are growing everyday and we are looking at their development in the following areas. We set goals in each area by age and also for an individual.

        • Personal Development
        • Social Development
        • Language & Communication Development
        • Mathematical and Thinking Skills
        • General Awareness – Science, Social Studies, Global Studies
        • Creativeness





Learning opportunities are everywhere and at anytime at JIA whether it is during the activity, transition time, free time, lunch time, book time, dismissal time…