Online Classes

Our online program is highly interactive, enriching, motivating and fun! Art & crafts, English lessons, Bollywood dance & exercises, cooking, science experiments…. There are so many more that we can do with our children!

When we were starting the online program in April amid COVID 19 pandemic and the lockdown, we could not fully see the potential of online learning/playing for young children. It has been an interesting journey as a traditional school, but thanks to all the parents, we have been very successful in creating fun and engaging sessions and spending quality time with each other even online. We thank JIA parents for preparing the class materials and assisting the children with various activities during the class. We cannot thank the parents enough!!!

Even though our online program is a big hit, we are still strongly hoping to switch back to on-site program soon! But again, the priority is our health. Until we can open the school safely, let’s meet online! 🙂

JIA spirit is here!!!