Our Team


Our Management Team

Ms. Chikako Egashira, Founder & Director

Ms. Ai Kashima (Center Manager)

“Ms Ai” has worked at prestigious kindergartens in Tokyo for 15 years before she came to India. During her years in Tokyo, she also had an opportunity to go to Australia for international teacher training, where she cultivated her interest in global education for young children. She decided to take her passion in early childhood education to the next level by joining JIA as a center manager in early 2017, and since then she is not only an educator but also the driving force of the organization. With her extensive knowledge and experiences as an educator, combined with her creative ambition, she particularly enjoys curriculum development. She is also in charge of training the faculties and supervises the overall school operations. 

Ms. Ai has no fear taking challenges, and she is always open to do something new. Her creativity and sense of humor are reflected in our curriculum development, which differentiates JIA from other schools. Ms. Ai and I share core values in life, both in professional life and even in personal life, making our teamwork smooth and strong. We love talking our passions and ideals in early childhood education. Even with all the responsibilities that Ms. Ai has at JIA as a manager, or a vice- principal, she enjoys spending a good amount of time with the children and communicating with the parents at school. She is the face of JIA!  

Chikako Egashira, Director

Ms. Disha Elawadhi, Assistant Center Manager

“Ms. Disha” first developed her strong interest in Japanese language and culture as a high school student, when she joined a study program in Japan for foreign young students. She graduated from Delhi University with English Literature, but she never lost her passion for Japanese language & culture throughout the years. After she completed the bachelor’s degree, she spent one year in Tokyo to learn Japanese, and at the same time, she worked as an English language teacher in a language school in Japan. It was that time when she discovered her love in teaching. Shortly after her return to India, she joined JIA.  At JIA, she enjoys interacting with the children and the parents, while she works hard to make our language programs more practical and enriching. With her excellent communication skills in English, Hindi and Japanese, she also has an important role as a liaison between our international team and the JIA families.

Charming and intelligent, Ms. Disha is such a nice person to work with! She perfectly understands the cultural differences between Japan and India, so she is happily taking a difficult role a a bridge when we have a gap in communication between us. I see the opposite of what is happening in “lost in translation” is happening at our organization. Thanks to her, we’ve been practicing great teamwork! 

Chikako Egashira, Director